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April 2014
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Victorville, CA

New Troy-Bilt Pony Riding Lawnmower

International Truck

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iPad Bluetooth keyboard and case

I-70 Utah near I-15

I-70 Colorado

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  • Communication between vehicles at last possible?
    Trucks which can automatically recognize dangerous situations on the Road, even before the driver I available to do it? In the coming decades it can occur real… In the second half of October Volvo Trucks with several partners will present how innovative and modern systems of communication between vehicles and the environment can contribute to [...] […]
  • Truckermania an international final of Drivers League
    More than 9 thousand of truck drivers not only from Europe, but also from the Middle East and the Republic of South Africa were competing in the eliminations of economical driving, which took place in June. The one, who will finally win the competition, would be the master of International Drivers League. Among the finalists [...] […]
  • Ice age of Polish harbour
    Transported through refrigerated cargo containers food is increasingly going into the containers and they are tasty morsel for almost every port. In Szczecin prevent them gaining too shallow fairway and deficiencies in port infrastructure. Good marks for the meet officials who seek not to inhibit the flow of goods susceptible to corruption. Refrigerated, whi […]
  • How to buy a used car
    It is hard to think in our country life completely without a car. Even, if every day we use city communication or bike, our own is no voted help in emergency situations. For people living in small cities and villages, car is real necessary. Not everybody have money to buy car straight from salon. So [...] […]
  • DAF fleet truck of year in Great Britain
    During ceremony hand prestigious awards Motor Transport Award 2009 in London, model DAF CF85 the second time from row became honored title of Fleet truck of year. Awards “Motor Transport Awards” are honorable mention In British transport industry transmitted by branch magazine Motor Transport. Model CF85 meets all requirements of operators in range cost mana […]
  • Bess on leasing market In Poland
    In first part of year covernant deal worth 40% less than in the same time year ago. Value of  leasing agreement was about 18% less. In case of All market amount to 38%. Confirm it breakdown of investment small and big industries said representatives of Polish Leasing Ascertain. Worth of personal things leasinged in first [...] […]
  • Cars imported to Poland hit for borders
    Flowing freely re-export of new cars from Poland to western countries of European Union mainly form Germany. Transaction between polish and German dealers fosters weakness polish currency.  Difference in prices in German and Polish salons up to few thousands Euro. Actually difference in prices after conversion PLN to Euro in case of smallest cars from [...] […]
  • Paccar honored for ecological operations in hard times
    Kenworth firm, one from one of mark of Paccar concern to which belongs also DAF has received prestigious award Fineness in sphere of clean air from American agency of environmental protection (EPA). Kenworth is first producer of utilitarian vehicles which receive this honorable mention from moment of revolt of award in 2000 year. American agency [...] […]
  • Volvo take big contract to China
    Volvo Buses together with Sunwin Bus delegation has signed with Bashi Group firm from Shanghai frame agreement to supply 1500 buses. Value of contract totals about 116 million euro but supplies of busses will last for opening of next year’s exhibition World Expo in Shanghai. Shanghai actually invest to modernization and boost of efficiency of [...] […]
  • Transport in Poland is slightly Better
    Transport in Poland is slightly Better – as wrote ‘Rzeczpospolita’, the logistics industry is beginning to feel a revival. Companies from industry are counting to maintain last year turns and some even on the increase. Is this announcement the end of the economic crisis? According to ‘Rzeczypospolita’, it was the first transport companies have begun [...] […]

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Dandylions of Chicago Heights, Illinois

Dandylions of Chicago Heights, Illinois
Recorded and rendered in 1280 x 720p format using an iPod Touch and a free app called Videolicious.

Nestle’s of Franklin Park, Illinois

Nestle’s of Franklin Park, Illinois
This is my first 720p HD video created with the free app for the iPod/iPad/iPhone/iOS platform called Videolicious.

Illinois I-294 Southland Chicago Tollway Oasis

Illinois I-294 Southland Chicago Tollway Oasis
This is my third experimental video using a free and quite incredible video app on my latest-generation iPod Touch called Videolicious. This particular video is not rendered in HD, but further experimentation reveals that Videolicious CAN render videos in 1280 x 720p high definition format, so apart from this video [...]

Arkansas Missouri Illinois Texas 1280 x 720p Apple TV video… 115.9 Megabytes

Arkansas Missouri Illinois Texas 1280 x 720p Apple TV video… 115.9 Megabytes

Across Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina Apple TV 1280 x 720p HD… 131 Megabytes

Across Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina Apple TV 1280 x 720p HD… 131 Megabytes

Northern Illinois Video Apple TV 1280 x 720p… 93.3 Megabytes

Northern Illinois Video Apple TV 1280 x 720p… 93.3 Megabytes